Training agent for alkaline ionized water and OSG electrolyte products

TU-SEIKI Joint Stock Company is the official distribution representative for OSG electrolyte water purification equipment in Vietnam. On June 16, 2020, at TUG office, TU-SEIKI held a training session on product introduction, technical service training, and customer care for Authorized Dealers in the South and Northern.

TU-SEIKI representatives are training OSG Group’s knowledge of alkaline ionized water and electrolytes

Through the training session, the agents learned more about water that is not only clean but also has many good health effects through small controlled experiments at the training session.

As we all know, alkaline ionized water has a pH> 7, specifically pH from 8.5 to 9.5 and is recommended by many experts and doctors because it is very good for health. This is also the only water in the world that is recognized to have beneficial effects on health. The alkaline water electrolyte was also encouraged by the Ministry of Health of Japan to use it as a medical device for household use since 1965.

Small visual experiments at the training session on the pH of alkaline ionized water and other types of water on the market

Coming to the training session, the staff and agents also had the opportunity to learn more about the principle of operation of the OSG alkaline water electrolyte, as well as the quality of the OSG electrode plate – the heart of the machine. awards and the most dominant special features of the product come from Japanese brand – OSG.

The OSG electrolyte is known as the ISO 13485 household medical device, certified internationally by SGS – a reputable third party in the world tpoanf headquartered in Switzerland. The products udngf in the family such as: HU-121 and NDX-303LMW are famous for their durability. few errors with stable electrolyte ability over time, medical standard quality with many other prestigious quality certificates.

Some knowledge about OSG electrolytes

he training session was very lively with real questions from the dealers. Mr. Vu – Technical manager of TU-SEIKI for OSG also answered and explained carefully to dealers to better understand the product.

TU-SEIKI is the official distributor in Vietnam of the electrolytic products of OSG Japan Corporation – has more than 50 years of experience in water technology. The OSG electrolyte is being displayed and installed for experience at the TU-SEIKI Showroom: 319-A13 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 15, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City.