Energy saving solution by LED system

In order to “use energy economically and efficiently”, optimize business costs, many businesses have invested in improving energy efficiency, especially electricity in lighting. In order to save electricity in the most optimal way, it is necessary to use the most energy-efficient lighting devices. In places where many business families are developed, the company has gradually converted the entire lighting system to LEDs to ensure light quality and power savings. In addition to the places where families, offices and schools are developed, it is also integrated into smart lighting systems, which have many utilities and high economic benefits.

Energy saving solution by LED system

At Thang Uy Group, we specialize in providing solutions to save energy efficiently. This is demonstrated through the interaction between consulting, auditing and signing of energy performance contracts. Energy consumption of lighting usually accounts for 10-15% of the building’s total energy consumption. For most buildings, it is possible to save about 40-60% of lighting energy consumption through our solutions.

With features like:

No cost: We complete the project without prepaid costs from customers
Saving sharing: Saving cost shared between customers and us in a fixed period of time
New equipment: Current equipment will be replaced by energy-saving equipment
Free maintenance: Warranty will be provided by us during the contract period
Reduce carbon emissions: Reduce the environmental impact through improved energy efficiency

Operation process:

Preliminary survey

Find out the existing lighting system and schedule of activities.

Analysis & Recommendations

Calculate energy consumption and specification of new LED system.

Outline proposals based on customer requirements

Installation and commissioning

No prepaid charges required

Project management and operation

Contract of commitment

Dong share monthly cost savings.

The term of the contract is from 3 to 5 years.


Warranty is provided during the contract period.

Operational risks are fully covered.


We are committed to providing customers with the most energy efficient solution for the system.