Thank you for the front lines of the Covid-19 epidemic prevention

Recently, on the evening of Saturday, August 8, 2020 at Ho Chi Minh City Light Music Center, OSG Vietnam together with TU-SEIKI and New Group sponsored a disinfection chamber at the Talkshow series with the topic “Thank you at the front lines in the Covid-19 “translation. This is a program under the direction of the Department of Culture – Sports of Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Light Music Center, Digital Media Hub and the Vietnamese Singing Company jointly organized to promote strong community in the prevention of epidemic Covid-19.
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Program: Artist interactive Talkshow: “Thank you to the front lines in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic”

The program has the participation of medical experts, artists, celebrities, and social activists to exchange and discuss epidemic prevention and control issues, from effective solutions to replacement. change awareness and habits that are beneficial to health, as well as call on people to be calm, optimistic, and unite, determined to win the epidemic. Besides, it also contributes to changing perceptions, forming new habits in life so that they can “live” with epidemics in a new normal state.



Special guests in the program were Dr. Le Quoc Hung, Head of Department of Tropical Diseases at Cho Ray Hospital, Member of the National Professional Council for drafting treatment guidelines for acute respiratory diseases caused by the new Corona virus. “, Will share with the audience useful information and necessary instructions on the current epidemic situation and connect with colleagues at the Da Nang bridgehead, showing the atmosphere of” anti-epidemic like anti-enemy ” actually in Da Nang hospitals – the heart of the current Covid-19 epidemic.

10 08 2020 Talkshow Cam On Nhung Tuyen Dau Phong Chong Dich Covid19 Be72d601 DetailsGuest Dr. Le Quoc Hung, Head of Department of Tropical Diseases at Cho Ray Hospital, Member of the National Professional Council on drafting guidelines for treatment of acute respiratory diseases caused by the new Corona virus strain are sharing at the seminar .

Singer Dam Vinh Hung (owner of Vietnamese Singing Company) participates in the organization and takes the role of MC leading the program. The names in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, such as: Meritorious Artist Cam Van, Artist Hoai Linh, comedian Truong Giang, singer Quang Dung, Vo Ha Tram, Phuong My Chi … also participated in supporting and accompanying the program to increase communication efficiency, spread positive messages about disease prevention and control, participate in social activities for the community …

UntitledArtist Dam Vinh Hung and Truong Giang are exchanging at the program.

In particular, during the Covid-19 epidemic, all famous experts and artists participating in the Talkshow recording were fully disinfected, ensuring safety. Before entering the theater, experts and artists were sterilized by the sterilization chamber using disinfection water from the electrolytic PG-3.0 made by OSG Corporation (Japan) and Co. genuine distribution TU-SEIKI part.

The disinfection chamber using HClO disinfected water from OSG Corporation’s PG-3.0 electrolyte is located in front of the hall where the sharing session takes place.

20200808 191020Photo: Artist Hoai Linh is sterilizing the whole body with the sterilization chamber from PG-3.0 machine produced by OSG Corporation (Japan) and distributed by TU-SEIKI Joint Stock Company.

HClO solution is made from OSG Group’s PG-3.0 disinfectant water generator – the Group has more than 50 years of being the industry leader in the field of manufacturing sterile water generators for medical facilities.

Products certified by:

  • Pasteur Institute of Ho Chi Minh City certified the ability to kill bacteria
  • Japan Institute of Technology and Ministry of Health test the ability to kill bacteria & Covid-19
  • The Chinese Center for Disease Control certified the ability to effectively eradicate Covid-19

Currently, this is one of the products that get the great attention of TU-SEIKI Joint Stock Company, which has been put into daily use by the Health Department of Ho Chi Minh City and the Red Cross of Ho Chi Minh City.