Thang Uy Family Day: Solidarity is the strength and glue for development

Affirming the importance of the family to the quality of work, Mr. Nguyen Quang Hien – Chairman of TUG’s Board of Directors shared, “In addition to evaluating the quality of work of employees, we understand that the family is happy. happiness is a factor that affects quite a lot of work quality, is the foundation for personal and social development ”. On the occasion of the Group’s 20th anniversary, on November 29-30, the Thang Uy Family Festival will be held, taking place in Phu Quoc, with the participation of more than 180 members.

This is a meaningful activity, an opportunity for members to exchange and share experiences in building a happy family, so that employees can feel secure to work and contribute to the overall development of the company. Thang Uy Family Festival takes place with 2 main activities: Teambuilding and visiting famous places in Phu Quoc.

Let’s play “Unity is strength”

Coming to Thang Uy Family Festival, the spouses and children of the staff will experience teambuilding games such as weightlifting combined with basketball, giant ball race, wooden foot race, wrestling competitor, boat racing At the same time … These games are challenging, require strength and collective thinking, everyone must unite to be able to win.

Family Day wishes to create a mental playground after stressful working days. Besides, it also creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere for all members of the team to have the opportunity to interact as well as better understand the personalities, strengths and weaknesses of each person to complement and coordinate smoothly. together.

In addition, this is also an opportunity for the Board of Directors to better understand the situation of each employee to bring them sharing and encouragement. In addition, this activity is also a bridge to help the Board of Directors and employees to exchange and learn from experience in organizing a good life, creating close cohesion under the common roof of Thang Uy Group. Each individual will continue to nurture the aspiration of dedication, solidarity and promotion of the bravery and wisdom of the employees, working together to overcome all difficulties, bringing the “Thang Uy ship” constantly reaching out and developing. further development.

Especially, because of the strong development, Thang Uy Family Festival is also one of the activities to improve the physical, cultural and spiritual life for employees to promote production and business efficiency, build build corporate culture.

Visiting Phu Quoc “The whole family has fun”

If teambuilding games help tighten solidarity, the visit to Phu Quoc promises to bring a lot of unexpected and interesting fun for employees and families. It is expected that all members will be able to visit and have fun in famous landmarks of Phu Quoc Island such as: Sao beach, Vinpearl Land Amusement Park, Vinpearl Safari zoo, Dinh Cau landscape, Ancient fishing village Ham Ninh, Suoi Tranh Resort … enjoy a wonderful vacation with blue sky, white sand, sunshine.

Employees and their families will be exposed to many new things such as: new culture, new customs, new habits, new people, new food … at the places that will be visited. This is also a great time for family members to relax and be closer to each other, to relax and “refresh” themselves, bonding with each other and having more meaningful moments.

Always trying to improve welfare regimes and focusing on the spiritual activities for employees, “Thang Uy Family Day” is really a program of connecting love, creating glue. links between employees. At the same time, spreading the message, solidarity and happiness in each small family will contribute to building a great success for the second home and family – Thang Uy Group.

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