Looking back on Thang Uy 20 years of construction and development

The year of 2019 marks the 20-year journey of the establishment and development of Thang Uy Group, a pioneer in the field of industrial equipment solutions. By effort and commitment, Thang Uy has increasingly asserted its position not only in Vietnam but also in the international arena.

Backward past

1999 – Establishment of Thang Uy Company Limited

Vietnam in the late 1990s was entering the process of industrialization and modernization, the demand from factories for industrial equipment for production is increasing. Stemming from these needs, and realizing opportunities and potential for business development in the field of supplying industrial equipment, in 1999, Mr. Nguyen Quang Hien established Thang Uy Co., Ltd. in the city. Ho Chi Minh City.

2000 – Establishment of Thang Uy Hanoi Representative Office

After 1 year of operation, Thang Uy established a representative office in Hanoi to start the strategy of expanding the distribution network in key markets across the country. By this time, the demand in the field of industrial equipment, especially compressed air, refrigeration and elevators, is not only potential in the southern market but is constantly increasing in provinces and cities. Other big, especially the North.

2003 – Establishment of Representative Office Thang Uy Da Nang

Following that, in order to further promote the strategy of developing the distribution network spread throughout the country and better meet the needs of the Central market, in 2003 Thang Uy opened another representative office in Da Nang. This is the period of Thang Uy’s development in all aspects, quickly dominating the market after only a few years of establishment, gradually affirming the prestige and position of a distributor of industrial equipment business.

2007- Converted Thang Uy Hanoi Representative Office into Thang Uy Hanoi Trading Co., Ltd. and establishing Nhat Quang Technology & Trading Co., Ltd.

Then, in 2007, with a rapid growth rate and higher requirements in the industrial equipment manufacturing industry and specialization of products and services in the Northern market, Thang Uy converted its representative office in Hanoi. to establish Thang Uy Hanoi Trading Co., Ltd specializing in air compressor solutions. At the same time, Nhat Quang Technology & Trading Co., Ltd was established, specializing in air-conditioning system solutions and building traffic solutions.

It is this change that has helped Thang Uy focus on specializing its business, creating more value for customers, investing more firmly and efficiently from design consultancy, installation, maintenance and maintenance. Nursing … in the field of compressed air, refrigeration and elevators for industrial projects, factories, office buildings, buildings…

2010 – Establishment of Thang Uy Industrial Equipment Company

Following the success in the Northern market, in 2010 Thang Uy continued to establish Thang Uy Industrial Equipment Company to focus on specialization of air compressor solutions in the Southern market. This event marks a key investment step, improving production capacity and expanding as well as consolidating and increasing Thang Uy’s competitive position in the market.

2012 – Establishment of Thang Uy Trading Co., Ltd HCM City and Thang Uy Fujita Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

By 2012, realizing that the industrial market was increasingly focusing on improving the design process and saving energy to optimize production and minimize costs, Thang Uy established a Trading Co., Ltd. Thang Uy HCM to focus on specialized solutions of air conditioning systems and building traffic in the southern market. In addition, Thang Uy Fujita Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. – a joint venture between Thang Uy Corporation and Fujita Engineering Corporation of Japan is also established to provide energy saving service solutions, Construction industry. Construction (M&E) and Overall Maintenance.

2014 – Cooperation in technology transfer with Mitsui Seiki (Japan) to produce the first air compressor in Vietnam – with the brand TU-SEIKI

After many years as a commercial distributor to a total and comprehensive solution provider, 2014 has recorded important changes of Thang Uy, transformed into a manufacturer in the field of industrial equipment. Thang Uy has invested in the construction of an air compressor factory and technology transfer cooperation from leading Japanese air compressor manufacturing company Mitsui Seiki to produce the first air compressor in Vietnam with the brand name. is TU-SEIKI. This is an important event affirming the brand of the industrial equipment supply industry and also the pride of the Vietnamese people, bringing positive contributions to the community.

2018 – Repositioning & Collaborating with Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning

In 2018, Thang Uy Group signed a cooperation agreement with Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning, to provide air conditioning solutions to serve the needs of consumers and business units in the market. growing as strong as Vietnam. In addition, in accordance with the new market trend for sustainable development, Thang Uy Group has repositioned the brand. Thang Uy launched a new brand identity of the Group and its member companies, and at the same time, restructuring the field of operations towards the goal of long-term development and fulfilling its mission.

Thang Uy after 20 years

The year 2019 marked Thang Uy has gone through a 20-year journey. Over the past 20 years, Thang Uy has continuously been a leader in the field of compressors, air conditioners, transportation of buildings, mechanical and electrical systems, specialized vehicles and energy saving … through projects, contributing to modernizing the national backbone industries such as food – beverage, pharmaceutical – cosmetic, electronics and telecommunications, manufacturing engineering …

Thang Uy’s position globally is increasingly recognized and confirmed through ISO 9001: 2015 certification – an international standard for quality management systems set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and its reputation. A list of customers with hundreds of large and well-known enterprises such as Saigon Tobacco Company, Acecook Vietnam, Eastern Bibica, Pepsico, Toshiba Asia, Nakagawa MFG Vietnam, Vinatex Can Tho…

In the upcoming new period, an important milestone for the Group’s remarkable development journey, we have defined long-term goals with new development strategies with many new incentives and new way. Toward business integrity with greater attention to environmental and health issues, Thang Uy Group will continue to promote pioneering values, providing energy-saving solutions to protect electricity. environmental protection as well as wastewater treatment solutions and solutions to create clean, safe and especially good water sources for human health.

Gala Dinner: Celebrating 20 years of establishment and development
Thang Uy Group (2019)