Compare pure water with alkaline ionized water

Purified water (also known as filtered water) is water that is quite familiar and popular with us. Most consumers often feel secure when drinking purified water, because purified water has been treated to ensure 100% clean and safe water. But recently, there is an emerging movement to use alkaline ionized water with advertising many good health effects. So, how is alkaline water different from purified water? Which water is better and more necessary?

Therefore, let’s join OSG to learn about the differences between these two types of water so that you can distinguish and have the right choice for the needs of yourself and your family.

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1 / What is purified water (filtered water)?

Purified water is water with only 2 chemical components: oxygen and hydrogen, the chemical formula is H2O, other minerals in the water are absent or very few, due to being filtered (depending on the quality of the filter). Pure water does not conduct electricity. However, due to its good solubility, water or mixed impurities, usually salts, create free ions in aqueous solution allowing electricity to flow, the water freezes at 0 degrees C, boils. At 100 degrees C, the pH is 7 (equivalent to domestic tap water), the size of water molecules is 2.5 nanometers.

  • Purified water production process

With the industrial production line, pure water is taken directly from ponds, rivers, streams, wells … or from underground water circuits, through water treatment equipment to remove impurities and lights. The UV sterilizer is then closed for consumption in the market. And it is a fact that nowadays households, schools and agencies use water bottles produced with the above process very large. As for households that use home water purification equipment, most of the purified water is generated from RO water purifiers completely removing natural minerals from the water or using some Filtration has the function of adding minerals – but minerals are not natural minerals present in the water anymore. Therefore, pure water with mineral supplements at this time is not necessarily good water.


  • The effect of purified water on the body

Purified water only provides water without containing essential substances for the body. Therefore, there will be no health benefits. Many people are now using purified water with the thought that this is completely clean and safe for health. Actually not so, the main reason because purified water loses essential minerals for the body.

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According to scientists, living humans need minerals and trace elements. Minerals in water, especially calcium and magnesium ions, are very important for the human body, to protect the body system from harmful elements. Sources of minerals and micronutrients transferred into the body through eating and drinking. Every day, in addition to food, 50% of minerals and micronutrients enter the body by water supply. Completely using pure water for a long time, the body will be susceptible to deficiency of micronutrients and mineral salts. Dr. Hoang Kim Thanh, Director of the Center for Nutrition Communication and Education (National Institute of Nutrition) also warned that purified water should not be used for too long.

For this reason, when using water purifiers using RO filter technology (eliminating all micronutrients in the water) in the long run, it is harmful to health.

2/ What is electrolyte water (alkaline ionized water)?

Hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water is water created by filtration – keeping minerals and electrolytes intact in an electrolyte, forming alkaline ionized water with a pH of 8.0 – 9.5. Alkaline ionized water has the formula of OH- and the Hydrogen component in alkaline ionized water has the formula H2. Alkaline ionized water has hexagonal water molecules with microscopic molecular size 0.5 nanometers.

  • The process of creating alkaline ionized water

Water (machine) put into the machine first goes through CLEAN FILTER with Activated Carbon Filter and Hollow Fiber Filter (0.1 micro meter) to remove odors and harmful substances to form pure water that remains intact mineral. The purified water will then be put into an Electrolysis chamber consisting of Platinum coated Titanium electrode plates to separate water molecules and reconstruct the water molecules. Hydrogen-rich alkaline (OH-) water (H2) is produced at the cathode, slightly acidic ionic water is produced at the anode.

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  • The effect of alkaline ionized water on the body

Different from pure water, alkaline ionized water has very positive effects on health as follows:

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  1. Provide essential minerals for the body: Alkaline ionized water retains natural minerals such as Ca +, Mg +, Na +, Zn + … without adding any chemicals to create minerals to help the body absorb minerals Natural substances from water in the most complete, good for the development of the body.
  2. Alkalinity helps neutralize excess acid in the body: Alkaline ionized water generated from an electrolyte has many different pH levels, used for drinking has a pH of 8.0 – 9.5, helps neutralize excess acid in the body accumulating for a long time due to unhealthy eating, stress, anxiety, …. Thanks to that, bring the body to a natural balance with pH 7.3, so that the body is always healthy, preventing many diseases.
  3. Anti-oxidant, free radical scavenging in the body: Alkaline ionized water is rich in Hydrogen – this is an “expensive” ingredient that has a great effect in keeping the young body healthy. Hydrogen in alkaline ionized water is a substance with very high antioxidant effect, helping to neutralize free radicals arising in the body due to age and the environment, thereby slowing down the body’s natural aging process.
  4. Fast absorption into blood and cells as well as food: In addition, one of the biggest differences of alkaline water compared to pure water is that the 0.5 nanometer-sized alkaline water molecule is 5 times smaller. Compared with pure water (2.5 nanometers), it increases the ability to absorb into the blood and cells … makes metabolism faster, reduces cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, and also makes cooking. Better delicious thanks to the ability to penetrate deeply into food and extract maximum nutrients compared to ordinary water.


Because of the practical benefits above, owning an alkaline water electrolyte from OSG – Japan’s leading brand specializing in healthy water is essential for every household. Hopefully this article will help you distinguish pure water from alkaline ionized water to make the right choices for you and your family.