Message from the Chairman

Throughout our journey over the past two decades, we have gone through several challenges that we learned to overcome, and we have accomplished significant milestones of formation and

Since its conception, Thang Uy Group, formerly a distributor of industrial equipment to large manufacturing groups worldwide, we have transformed ourselves from the role of commercial
distributor to a total and comprehensive solutions provider to manufacturers in the field of industrial equipment, not only in Vietnam but also in the international arena.

Every challenge and milestone has molded the company into what it is today. Alongside our spirit of determination, drive for excellence and value for integrity as basic foundations, we have constantly made efforts to improve ourselves and innovate
solutions to meet the evolving and increasing demands of the market.

Moving forward, we have identified long-term goals with renewed strategies to propel the company to achieve higher levels of successes. And with the combined efforts and passion of the Group’s employees and the unwavering support of our partners, shareholders, investors and customers, I strongly believe that Thang Uy Group will continue its glorious legacy, steadily move forward and overcome all obstacles to reach greater heights.

Chairman of the Members’ Council
(Cum General Director of Thang Uy Group)

Nguyen Quang Hien




To be a premier leader in the Industrial sector and Infrastructure solutions in Vietnam and the international markets we serve.


To deliver to our clients high quality and cost-effective Industrial and Infrastructure solutions suitable for their requirements through responsible operations and commitment towards excellence.



Integrity is the heart of our values. It emphasizes our commitment to be trustworthy, honest, fair and ethical in all our decisions and actions and to respect all laws and regulations by conducting responsible operations.


With the spirit of innovation, collaboration and openness, we dedicate ourselves to continuously seek the optimum solutions to improve the lives of people we reach and the greater future generation.


We set new standards and rise to new challenges as we strive to excel in everything that we do. We commit ourselves to delivering results of excellent quality that goes beyond our clients’ expectations.


ISO 9001: 2015 is the international standard for quality management system by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), fully named “Quality Management System – Requirements”. This is the standard ISO 9001 issued for the 5th time in 2015 and is also the latest version of ISO 9001.

Applying ISO 9001: 2015 to production and business activities to help enterprises: Institutionalize the working apparatus, clarify the role and scope of each individual’s responsibility for him to clearly see his duties and powers in an administrative group; Set standards to build a quality management system scientifically to control risks, prevent errors, produce / supply quality products / services; Satisfy customers in a stable way, also needs to have the trust of customers, investors and employees.